What does your rate cover?

• Research (e.g., interviewing, referencing material, reviewing competition, etc.)
• Text composition
• Revisions
• Proofreading
• Consulting

Can you supply us with a personalized sample for free or for a stipend fee?
Yes, if the work involves minimal research. Click here to make the request.
Which industries do you have experience writing about?
Many! Click for sample
How long can you provide revisions of my content after it was written by you?
30 days, as long as the revision doesn’t entail a complete re-write of your material.
In addition to copywriting, which other services do you provide?
I can edit your text (marketing or technical) for $0.02 – $0.03/word, create and manage your Google AdWords account, design and code web-based emails, project manage websites (informational or eCommerce), and provide consulting in marketing communications.
How do you accept payments?
PayPal, credit card or cheque.
Is there a difference between a copywriter and a marketing writer?
These titles are used interchangeably. Copy specialist and content writer are also popular designations.
Do you charge extra for interviewing clients or subject matter experts onsite?
Yes, and I will disclose all travel-related costs in my initial estimate. This includes transport and/or housing related expenses. Although based in Toronto with an office in Montreal, I do visit my clients outside these areas if warranted.
Can you edit or revise my web content directly via my website?
Yes, if given access to your code or Content Management System (CMS).


Information technology
Professional services
Construction & project management
Retail & consumer goods