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Project: Sales letter (print) 1/8

Client: Compass Marketing

Industry: Marketing services

A Sensible Approach to Marketing... a Balanced One

I like to follow the golden rule of investing, which is to never keep all your eggs in one basket. This holds equally true in marketing, and if there's one thing in common my clients share is that they invest in a broad mix of digital and offline marketing strategies to meet their sales and branding objectives more

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Project: Sales letter (email) 2/8

Client: Concord Promotions

Industry: Promotional products/corporate gifts

The small drive that's big on branding.
No bigger than a business card and weighing less than 15 grams, this compact, eco-friendly USB key is taking information portability and brand marketing to a new level. Pre-load the G-Key with marketing presentations, distribute them at trade more

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Project: Sales letter (email) 3/8

Client: Compas Marketing

Industry: Search Marketing

PF Automatic didn't know what was coming to them. After implementing a Google Adwords campaign — an internet marketing service offered by the world's leading search engine — this small father-and-son auto garage located in a low-traffic residential area of Montreal reported a surge in website more

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Project: Sales letter (email) 4/8

Client: Dax Data

Industry: Enterprise solutions (IT)

If you haven't started using Smart Lists with your Microsoft Great Plains (GP) product, continue reading. From my experience as an MS systems engineer, the majority of GP users underutilize this powerful utility more

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Project: Sales letter (email) 5/8

Client: Brevell Construction

Industry: Project management

We all know that finding a commercial contractor, particularly in a big city like ours, is the easy part. What is more challenging is finding one who will be your trusted partner; one who will go the extra mile to surpass the client's expectations — and more

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Project: Sales letter (email) 6/8

Client: Net Fix

Industry: IT Management

Whether you're looking for a proactive maintenance solution to keep your IT costs at bay, a disaster recovery plan following an outage, or expert advice on which enterprise applications to purchase, look no further than NetFix...
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Project: Sales letter (email) 7/8

Client: List Easy

Industry: Information Technology

In today's economic climate, companies are increasingly under pressure to cut costs while trying to meet their sales objectives. At ListEasy, our goal is to help online merchants and ticket brokers not only meet but exceed those objectives more

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Project: Sales letter (email) 11/8

Client: White Star Pump

Industry: Mud Pumps

Designed and field tested to meet today's demanding drilling conditions, the Quatro stands alone in pumping performance... read more