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One should always have a brochure in their arsenal of marketing collateral. Whether you need a single-sided brochure or a tri-fold, you’ve come to the right place. I write and design custom brochures that will incorporate your images, product data, company history, or any other essential information you want to communicate to your audience.

  • Client: Bone Appetit

    Product: Raw meat for cats & dogs


    Food For Thought: What You Should Know About Processed Pet Foods
    Ever wonder what gives a bag of pet food shelf life? Rendered animal fat and restaurant grease is sprayed directly onto kibble to not only preserve it but to make an otherwise bland or distasteful product palatable… read more

    Client: Andy’s Ice Cream

    Product: Gourmet ice cream catering


    Why settle for dessert on a plate when you can have ice cream — a dessert enjoyed by many — served on a cone? A great alternative or supplement to traditional dessert servings, our service will no doubt leave a lasting impression on your guests…and on their taste buds… read more

  • Client: CDS

    Product: Biography section of company brochure


    They call him the big bear, the friendly giant, the captain. But belying his towering presence and extra firm hand shake is a plastics veteran who enjoys connecting polymer processors with products that meet their specific needs. Barry Reynolds is one of the founding members at CDS and has over 30 experience … read more

  • Client: Maris Freighter Cruises

    Product: Cruise tours


    A few T-shirts and a bathing suit is all you need to spend a full week Island hopping on the Adriatic Sea. Relax and let the captain and his crew (especially the cook) spoil you. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and explore the underworld of the Adriatic Sea during the day while dine and discover historical and geographical landmarks during the evenings….read more

  • Client: CDS

    Product: Machinery


    As a manufacturer, we believe that one cannot get a better appreciation for our products than by visiting our facilities where we design, build, and test world-class machinery and integrated systems for the polymer extruding industries…read more

  • Client: GMIS

    Product: GPS tracking


    The GMIS is a highly intuitive mobile application that allows end-users to effectively manage the maintenance cycle of their fleet of vehicles. Accessible anywhere with an internet connection and compatible with legacy systems that support its XML platform, the GMIS is a proactive…read more

  • Client: White Star Pump

    Product: Mud Pumps


    White Star’s Quatro pump is designed to outlast and outperform any triplex mud pump on the market today. With its innovative design and compact construction along with its quick change fluid modules, superior flow and pressure ratings….read more