• Publication: 3Dprint.com

    Topic: 3D printing


    MDA, a global communications and information company, contracted the services of Axis Prototypes of Montreal to print and paint a pair of satellite antennas to be used in a mock-up presentation for a major satellite communications provider. The final working model will be manufactured primarily out of aluminum with various surface finishings tested against and optimized for its orbital environment… Full article

  • Publication: Canadian Plastics

    Topic: Managing trade show leads


    As a sales manager, before unleashing your people out onto the show floor, gather them in a room for a few days before the show and review what I call the “3G process,” a series of steps designed to ensure the effective processing of sales leads at your booth.. … read more

  • Topic: Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN)


    Anyone living with diabetes was likely made aware by their physician of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN), a by-product of the disease with potentially debilitating consequences. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, diabetes afflicts over 9 million Canadians, 50-60 percent of whom suffer from DPN. Triggered by high blood pressure, smoking, and elevated levels of blood glucose … read more

  • Publication: Machinery Auxiliaries


    One of the overlooked benefits of advertising is that it compensates for these “holes” in your database, casting an efficient net over a pool of qualified and soon-to-be qualified prospects… read more

  • Topic: Natural cosmetic products


    While herbal plants around the world continue to be exploited for their medicinal and therapeutic value, they also provide a rich source of ingredients for all-natural cosmetic products, in particular those for treating the hair and skin…read more

  • Topic: Video optimization


    Aside from the generic appeal of video content, online video marketers — companies who submit and optimize the ranking of videos online for their clients — are banking on the economics and mechanics of search engine marketing … read more