• It began with a flyer.

    In 2004, while serving on a student committee at my university, I was tasked with drafting a flyer promoting orientation sessions to first-year students. Graphic design wasn’t my forte, so I decided to work on the content first. It was right there and then, while holding a printed copy of the finished flyer on A4 paper stock, that I wanted to write content and make a few bucks off it.

    A couple of years later I was interning at an ad agency (where I was literally making a few bucks) followed by a string of full- and part-time roles in writing and marketing communications.

    Today, with my graphic design skills considerably more polished and writing a lot more than flyers, I provide a broad range of copywriting services as a freelancer.

    Alan B.
    Freelance copywriter

    Education, accreditations & memberships

    Technical Writing Certificate
    Concordia University, Montreal

    Major in Marketing Communications, B.Com
    Concordia University, Montreal

    Google AdWords Partner Certification (2017-2018)

    Member of the Institute of Copywriting

  • When experience counts

    When experience will play a factor in your selection of a freelance copywriter, look no further. I have over 10 years’ experience doing what I love — writing and managing content!


    I research first, write second

    Understanding your business and audience is job one. The end product is content that captures your desired tone, style, and key selling points.


    Save hundreds off agency fees

    I carry considerably less overhead than your staffed agency, which allows me to price my services at very competitive rates.


    One writer, one voice

    I don’t outsource as I like to control the quality, consistency, and delivery of my work. However, in the rare occasion that I do delegate content to a third-party supplier, I will thoroughly review the finished work to ensure that it meets my client’s needs.

  • What our Client says

    “Alan has a wonderful knack for extrapolating the key messages from our industry-specific texts, and then presenting in clear and concise layman’s terms.”

    Arthur Axelrad
    Dax Data

    “Alan is bona fide copywriter who approached our projects with a journalistic integrity that sets him apart from other writers. His pursuit in understanding the products and services that we wanted to promote in our marketing collateral was followed by an execution of the content — a radically improved version of our earlier copy — that resonated with me and our readers. Alan is our go-to person for all our copywriting needs.”

    Steve Kesseler
    IDS Engineering

    “Alan is not a text broker, directory listing or some high-priced ad agency that’s going to delegate your project to a writer you will never hear from.
    He’s the copywriter who’s going to write your content and make a difference in the quality and effectiveness of your marketing collateral with the benefit of a close, one-to-one collaboration.”

    Edgar David
    Prosipico Solutions

    “Alans’ work is second-to-none. He is responsive, attentive to detail, and overall simply a pleasure to work with. Hire him … you won’t be sorry!”

    Robert Wright
    Wright Loyer

    “Alan dissected our communication objectives with surgical precision after which he developed an effective copywriting strategy that enhanced our image and boosted our credibility.”

    Andrew E. Gomes, M.D
    Casper teleradiology

    “‘Alan is very reliable and trustworthy. He delivered outstanding services for our company. We are very happy with his services and highly recommend him.”

    Jolanta Zawadzki
    MICO Cleaning Services

    “Alan took the time to learn our products and services along with our unique selling points before crafting content that represented a significant improvement over our previous content. ”

    S. Bressi
    Bressi Consulting Group

    “Our claim to fame as far as our products were concerned was a cutting edge technology that very few people knew about in our industry. We had a hard time communicating the end benefits clearly and in a manner that struck a chord with our readers. The very communications expert that is, Alan at Word Bytes delivered what wee needed to be written, when it needed to be written and very much to our satisfaction. ”

    Gary Silverstein
    MekaWorks Inc.