It began with a flyer.

In 1998, while serving on a student committee at my university, I was tasked with drafting a flyer promoting orientation sessions to first-year students. Graphic design wasn't my forte, so I decided to work on the content first. It was right there and then, while holding a printed copy of the finished flyer on A4 paper stock (the department was on a shoestring budget back then), that I wanted to write content and make a few bucks off it.

A couple of years later I was interning at an ad agency (where I was literally making a few bucks) followed by a string of full- and part-time roles in writing and marketing communications.

Today, with my graphic design skills considerably more polished and writing a lot more than flyers, I provide a broad range of copywriting services as a freelancer.

Alan B.
Freelance copywriter

Education, accreditations & memberships

Technical Writing Certificate (2002)
Concordia University, Montreal

Major in Marketing Communications, B.Comm. (1999)
Concordia University, Montreal

Google AdWords Partner Certification (2017-2018)
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Member of the Institute of Copywriting

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